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Maker Grows Up: Committing to Sustainable Programs Nationwide
Strategies for adaptability, financing, and assessment are key to the movement’s future.
Makerspaces Help Kids Tap Potential, Find Confidence, Success, and Friendships
It's more than just tinkering, young people can find a place to belong, learn to persevere, and even discover a path toward a possible career in makerspaces.
Let Teens Lead in Makerspaces
Working successfully with teenage makers can require a hands-off approach that dispenses with structure.
Laura Fleming: Don’t Let Makerspaces Be A Passing Trend
High school library media specialist and pioneer in school makerspace movement issues a call to action.
MIT Developing Assessments To Quantify Makerspace Educational Value
University's Teaching Systems Lab is teaming up with MakerEd and two schools to try to quantify what students learn and, in the process, change the mind-set of educators and parents.

Maker Spotlights

Video: Toy Take-Apart with Kristin Fontichiaro and Ben Rearick
Get out the pliers and roll up your sleeves: All you need to know to lead a toy-take apart session with students.
Good Inventions: Tech Innovations that Help the Community
A school librarian leads student tech projects to design pet prosthetics and traffic safety vests with LED displays.
Slime Science
The goopy substance is all the rage—and a great way to explore polymers during library maker activities.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Maker Space Gets an Upgrade, Becomes “Part of the Healing Process”
A couple of 3-D printers and motivated students has the MSD maker space evolving and playing a role in the students' healing process.
MākMō Mobile Makerspace Making Impact in Los Angeles
Four customized vans bring makerspace programming and spark education and partnerships in Southern California.
Get Thee to a Makerspace: A Shakespeare-Themed Festival from SLJ’s 2017 Maker Hero
Shake Fest is a blow-out event Bard-related activities, crafts, and games in Alisha Wilson's school library.

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